RJ45 Shielded Connector

Platinum Tools, RJ45 Cat6 10 Gig Shielded Connector
Product Details

-Enjoy crimping CAT6a/6 connector with large conductor jacket diameter in a quick and easy process to meet high paced environment demand with high-quality crimp plugs by Platinum Connector!!!
-Ideal for custom CCTV, security and network installations up to 1000 Mbps, 100base-T connection
-Versatile Compatibility – These CAT6a/6 connectors work effectively with 100Ω balanced twisted pair 250 MHz cable, standard cable conductor gauge between 23AWG-24AWG, also works with nearly every style or model of RJ45 crimp tools
-Fast Terminations – One-Piece modular plug. Thanks to the new technology of front insertion, inserting 8 conductors into the connector is easy and efficient
-Easy Colour Code Verification – The pass through method along with the transparent body makes identifying the wire sequence easier and helps to reduce scrap and wasted crimps






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