Dormont, Blue Hose Gas Connector Kit 3/4″ x 48″
Product Details

-This hose measures 48″ long and has a 3/4″ NPT connection size. All Dormont blue hoses also come with Stress Guard® rotational fittings that reduce stress on the hose, prevent kinking and twisting, and make it easier to install.
-A blue PVC coating helps this hose resist damage from cuts and scratches, while offering another layer of protection to the inner hose and braid. The coating is also antimicrobial, and it makes cleaning easy!
-The 2-piece design allows you to disengage equipment from the gas connection in mere seconds and creates a secure, gas-tight seal when the equipment is connected. Best of all, it’s engineered so that you can reach into narrow spaces to connect and disconnect it with a single hand unlike most quick disconnects, which are 2-handed.
-This kit includes a number of other useful components for installation, including (2) elbows, a full port valve, and a restraining cable with all of the hardware necessary to install it.






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