RG59 Mini Solid Cable
Product Details

-The SCP RGB-5 RGBHV Dual Shield Mini-RG59/U Coax cable carries red, green, blue, and separate horizontal and vertical sync on 5 color coded conductors.Each conductor is an insulated 25 AWG solid copper with 100% bonded AL foil shield and overall 95% TC Braid. In addition, the SCP RGB-5 RGBHV includes a Foam/Filled PE center wire that allows the cable to maintain a round design and an Overall Diameter (OD) of only 13mm.
-The overall jacket is a Black FR-PVC. The unique design of the SCP RGB-5 RGBHV cable allows it to be easy to handle and install, while maintaining optimum performance on demanding signal applications such as higher resolution VGA. The RGB-5 is UL and CM rated.
-SCP has a full line of 75 Ω RGB and RGBHV Component cables that are perfect for all HDTV and high resolution analog applications. These cables can be used to connect RGBHV and composite video sour






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