It is not legal to watch any paid premium channels without a valid service from a valid provider, this product does not violate any laws through its valid internet use of this product/service and we accept no responsibility for misuse. WE do NOT host provide, archive, distribute, store, or steam media of any kind on our website. We do NOT own, control, manage, maintain, run or have any access to the servers or entity involved in telecasting/ indexing media of any kind. Satronics IPTV is not associated with any of the IP channels shown or any of these products. Satronics IPTV does not stream any of the live IP channels, all channels are third party links available on the internet. Video content and TV channels of the services are being provided without any liability from us regarding copyrights. We link you with the largest collection of online news, sports, Indian, Spanish etc IP channels any videos from all over the world, they are available online on the web. As per our knowledge, the channels provided by the server sellers abide by all relevant countries copyright laws and any copyright issue must be taken up directly with the server owners. Satronics IPTV does not take any liability as to what is aired on the servers and has NO control over the servers, streams and the channels.


What is your Money Back Guarantee policy

We don’t offer refund you once the subscription is added to your account it can not be refunded. We suggest take 1-2month subscription to see if IPTV is for you and your family. CLICK HERE

What devices are supported

Portal/ Server 1,2&3

  1. All Android devices (Boxes & Phones) are supported
  2. All MAG Infomir devices
  3. Android TV’s (Samsung & LG) via Smart STB App
  4. iOS Smart Devices & Apple TV 4th generation and newer
  5. Amazon TV
  6. Web browser (Server 3 only)
  7. ROKU is NOT Supported.

Blank Screen on some channels

We can not promise that all channels will work properly all the times, due to your Internet speed, Individual channel technical difficulties, or even channel source problem, but we will do our best to restore that channel back to service.

Channels are freezing / buffering

There are two causes of freezing/buffering for IPTV. The first one is on the user end the other at the servers.

  1. User End – Most likely due to fluctuations / interruptions of the internet connection. The best method of viewing is to connect your streaming device directly via an ethernet cable. There may be times of momentary lagging, please restart your device.
  2. Server End – We strive to be the leader in IPTV when it comes to reliability and quality. Occasionally we may experience some issues with our host that cause some channels to go down or cause freezing/buffering issues. Please be patient and resist the urge to email us immediately as we do monitor the server and are aware of problems as they arise. If the problem persists feel free to contact us. The one downside of IPTV is that we ourselves do not have the ability to repair the servers. We rely on our host to fix the issue. For $20.00/month ($0.67/day) we hope you are still able to see the value in our IPTV service and enjoy the other channels while we work to fix the issue at hand.

What is IPTV

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television”. It is a relatively recent technology that allows you to stream thousands of channels directly through your internet connection. It’s affordable, its reliable, and it’s quick and easy to set up.

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